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New U Life的SOMADERM HGH Gel常见问题解答(FAQ)

New U Life’s SOMADERM HGH Gel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone), what does it do for the body and why would I want to use it?

We are all born with HGH in our bodies.  It is the main human growth hormone (HGH) that is a single-chain peptide hormone produced from the pituitary gland, the master gland in the body.  This is the hormone that helps you grow throughout childhood.  Around the age of 20, HGH is at its peak and begins to decline around the age of 25.  This is when the dreadful aging process begins (weight gain, wrinkles, gray hair, thick skin, muscle loss, energy loss, etc).  This hormone slowly declines as we age.  Most have very little to none by the age of 45.

Many experts say that elevating growth hormone when you are older can bring back your levels to when you were in your 20’s.  It may help with the growth of all cells and tissues in the body, may assist faster healing/tissue repair, may increased bone mineral density, increased energy and stamina, emotional stability and mental capacity, decrease in anxiety, decrease menopausal symptoms, decrease in pain, increased joint mobility, improved vision, more youthful looking appearance, diminish wrinkles, grey begins to return to its natural color, hair growth (head, eyelashes, eyebrows) increased libido, deeper & sounder sleep, increased muscle tone & muscle build.

What is the difference between SOMADERM Homeopathic Gel & the HGH Injection?

Somaderm is strictly a Homeopathic, Transdermal HGH.  It is not derived from animal hormones.  It is FDA registered and the strongest, most effective product in the world available over the counter.  NO side effects, no contraindications with any medication, 100% safe.

When researching HGH (Human Growth Hormone) on the internet, you will find 1 of 2 categories referenced.

HGH Injections

Over The Counter (OTC) Supplements (pills, drops, creams, etc)

HGH injections (by prescription only) are considered as a therapy for “Hormone Replacement” (HRT).  Often these are animal hormones and sometimes of unknown sources.  Injections are very costly and can come with dangerous side effects.

OTC Oral Supplements: These are often amino acid based and generally focused to “activate” any HGH already in your body.  If you have low or no HGH (which most do after the age of 45) these will provide little to no benefit.  90% of them never reach your bloodstream & are damaged in the stomach.

Why is SOMADERM Gel better than other homeopathic HGH remedies like oral sprays & pills?

Oral sprays, pills and powder products do not contain any form of HGH.  They are combinations of amino acids, vitamins and/or herbs. They do not reach the bloodstream & act as “activators”.  These are ineffective due to the damage during digestion or processing through the entire body. The transdermal application alleviates these problems.

Is the HGH in SOMADERM Gel natural or synthetic?

It is a synthetic HGH / Somatropin.  However, synthetic does not mean “not natural”.  Synthetic is taking a combination of whole ingredients and with human hands, putting them together to result in 1 active ingredient.  Synthetic means, it does not come from nature as 1 whole complete product. It takes “people” to put it together.

How can it be both Homeopathic & Synthetic?

Homeopathy is a process of dilution & bringing an effective ingredient down to safe levels that are easily accepted by your own bodies functioning.  We do not want it to be “100% natural”. If was this the case, it would have to come 100% from animals or cadavers, increasing the risk of disease and contamination.  The Somatropin itself is synthetic. Which, as explained above, is only the “process” of bringing natural items together. The formulation of the complete gel product and dosing schedule is Homeopathic.

What does 30x mean?

30X is a homeopathic dosing schedule.  The X means a 1:10 dilution and 30 is the

number of times the dilution is done.  This is the highest you can obtain without a prescription.  This is a GREAT reason for being FDA Registered!

Is the gel vegan?

No.  We have one ingredient that is not considered vegan.  The Thyroidinum is bovine and it comes from Australia.  The animals are 100% grass fed / organic.

What happens if I stop using the gel?

There is no withdrawal process.  Your body will just gradually convert back to how it felt and functioned before you started using the gel.  The benefits will slowly fade. The gel is completely used in your body in 18 – 24 hours. This product only raises your HGH levels 1-5% – just the perfect amount to reach maximum benefits without side effects or interaction to medications.

How long has the product been around?

The product was developed by Alex Goldstein.  This is one of many products he developed over his 25+ year career in the Health & Wellness / Manufacturing world.  This particular gel was sold in California in the Bay area for 7 years in a lower dose form. In 2017, Alex went through the process of having It FDA Registered & NDC # assigned.  It was then brought into the Network Marketing industry, where the company New U Life was formed. New U Life went into pre-launch in January 2018.

What is the cost of the SOMADERM HGH Gel?

Retail Customer – $169.99 plus shipping.

Preferred Customer (on auto-ship) – $149.99 and free shipping.

Distributors – $140 and free shipping.

Commercial / Retail Distributors – $89.99 (40 bottles for $3,600).  Retailers may then turn around and sell the bottles for $169.99.

1 bottle lasts 1 1/2 +/- months

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How do I apply the SOMADERM HGH Gel?

The Somaderm Gel is applied to the thin areas of your skin for maximum absorption (wrists, behind knees, armpits & forearms).  This allows safe absorption at the cellular level & into the bloodstream immediately.

Can both men & women use SOMADERM HGH Gel?

Yes, either male or female over 18 years old can use the Somaderm Gel.

What is micro-dosing? How can SOMADERM HGH Gel absorb into my bloodstream to be effective?

Administration of the Somaderm Gel is in low (“sub-therapeutic”) dose levels, spread over time & developed to penetrate deep into the cellular level.  It is at the maximum strength allowed per FDA regulations.  And the only FDA registered OTC (over the counter) HGH (human growth hormone) transdermal gel in the world.

Can I take SOMADERM HGH Gel with other medications or supplements?  Are there any know contraindications?

It is always advised to consult with your Endocrinologist or Naturopath physician before starting any supplement.  Yet, Somaderm has zero reported side effects & is NOT contraindicated with any medications.  Check in the inactive ingredients for any known allergies.

Are there any clinical trials with the SOMADERM HGH Gel?

Absolutely.  To be FDA Registered, there must be proven documentation of benefits & its use.

Can children use the SOMADERM HGH Gel?

NO.  The gel is only recommended for adults ages 18 and older.

Is SOMADERM HGH Gel safe for Pregnant or Nursing Mothers?

We cannot give medical advice.  The gel is an OTC (over the counter) Homeopathic product, however,  we recommend that you take the New U Life Somaderm Gel Product Booklet to your OBGYN.

Is this safe to take SOMADERM HGH Gel with Bio-identicals or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Yes!  Some are even able to wean off of HRTs and use only the Somaderm Gel.

What are the Ingredients in SOMADERM HGH Gel?

Click here for a complete list of the Active and Inactive Ingredients in Somaderm Gel

New U Life的SOMADERM HGH Gel常见问题解答(FAQ)


HGH(Human Growth Hormone):是人体脑垂体前叶分泌的一种蛋白质,是由191个氨基酸分子组成,分子量约为22000道而顿。是主控人体生长发育、免疫和新陈代谢的主要物质。HGH的分泌值可直接影响人体细胞、骨骼、肌肉、皮肤、脏器的生长发育。




Somaderm严格来说是顺势疗法,Transdermal HGH,它是天然合成的的物质。它是FDA注册的,是世界上最强大,最有效的产品,可通过官网。无副作用,无任何药物禁忌症,100%安全。










它是合成的HGH / Somatropin,然而,合成并不意味着“不是纯天然”,合成是将整个成分经过实验室结合在一起,将它们组合在一起形成一种活性成分。这种合成与自然的HGH是完全一样的,这就是现今生物科学的伟大之处。








没有影响。在停止使用凝胶之后,您的身体会逐渐转变回之前的感觉和功能,好处将慢慢消退。凝胶在18-24小时内完全用于您的身体,该产品仅将您的HGH水平提高1-5% ,只是达到最大效益的完美量,没有副作用或与其它药物相互作用。


该产品由Alex Goldstein开发。这是他在健康与健康/制造业25年的职业生涯中开发的众多产品之一。这种特殊的凝胶在加利福尼亚湾区以较低的剂量形式出售7年。2017年,Alex完成了FDA注册和NDC#分配的过程。然后它进入了网络营销行业,New U Life公司成立于此。新U Life于2018年1月进入发布前。


零售客户 – $ 169.99加运费和税费。

首选客户(自动发货) – 149.99美元加运费和税费。

经销商 – 140美元加运费和税费。

商业/零售分销商 -(24瓶$2544或者48瓶$4572)。然后零售商可以转售并以169.99美元的价格出售。

1瓶持续1 1/2 +/-  个月



男性和女性都可以使用SOMADERM HGH凝胶吗?


什么是微剂量?SOMADERM HGH凝胶如何吸收到我的血液中才能发挥效用?


我可以服用SOMADERM HGH Gel和其他药物或补品吗?有禁忌症吗?


是否有使用SOMADERM HGH凝胶的临床试验?


儿童可以使用SOMADERM HGH凝胶吗?


SOMADERM HGH凝胶对孕妇或哺乳期母亲是否安全?

我们不能提供医疗建议,凝胶是OTC(非处方药)顺势疗法产品,但是,我们建议您将New U Life Somaderm凝胶产品手册带到您的OBGYN进行咨询。

使用生物相同或激素替代疗法(HRT)服用SOMADERM HGH凝胶是否安全?

是! 有些甚至能够断绝HRT并仅使用Somaderm凝胶。